Silence Complete: Is It a Legitimate Tinnitus Solution?

The controversy that surrounded Silencis Pro has apparently followed Silent Complete, in that some people claim the two products to be one and the same, Silencis Pro being marketed as Silent Complete. According to one site that researched whether Silence Complete is legit or a scam, there are several things that seem to be off about the product and its makers.

Multiple Websites

It was found out that Silence Complete has three websites:, and Any reputable company that sells products and services will usually only have one website where customers can go to purchase their products. Having multiple websites will only confuse people on where to get ahold of your product. Opening each of the three websites will welcome you to an automatic video playing about a man narrating his dilemma with tinnitus and how it has completely ruined his life that he almost decided to kill himself in front of his family.

Unidentified Address

The websites have the same address, but when searched on Google, nothing turns up. It turns out that the address was erroneously typed on the website. The name of the company shown in the site is Guerra Capital, which is a subsidiary of Guerra Holdings, an investment company. Now why would a tinnitus treatment product list an investment company in its address?

Close Relation to Silencis Pro

One of the websites is registered to Functional and Restorative Medicine LLC, the same company that brought Silencis Pro, which by now you know is a complete scam.

Fake Reviews

Photos of “satisfied customers” have also turned up on other websites and they exhibit different names than the ones in the Silent Complete sites. Another photo used by Silence Complete is another stock photo, which is supposed to Lloyd Greenfield, an experienced professional who has a decade of expertise in tinnitus treatment. Why could they not use the real photo of the man if he really is existent? And if the product is really effective, then why do they have to write fake reviews and accompany the names with photos lifted from other websites?

These findings, especially the connection to Silencis Pro, have made people doubtful of the legitimacy of Silence Complete, with several websites refuting its legitimacy. In order for customers who are looking for effective and legit tinnitus treatment, it is always best to read reviews and discern if said reviews are made by real people who have actually tried the product and whose health conditions are cured by it.