At the age of 8, I, Luther Mitchell, found myself in a very unfortunate circumstance. I was studying in a library when a gas leak nearby caused an explosion. I wasn’t close enough to get hurt but I was close enough to get my hearing damaged. Since then, I have been putting up with tinnitus. But this was probably one of the few unfortunate circumstances I found myself in, what followed next brought me to where I am now.

I didn’t let my condition stop me from performing as well as others in academics and even athletics. But I still felt that things would be better without my tinnitus. The most I could do then was use earplugs or listen to music to distract myself from the noise. In college, I was offered a swimming scholarship in the University of Southern California.

I decided to compete for the school and take up a Chemistry degree while I was at USC. It was hard to stay on the honor roll while competing internationally, but for me, swimming and staying underwater just helped me feel more relaxed. There was a strange sense of serenity that I felt. I could feel the full effect of my tinnitus but it also helped me embrace it and concentrate. It was also underwater when I had my “Eureka!” moment for one of the world’s most famous tinnitus medicines.

In 2003, I launched Avol, a pharmaceutical company that provides groundbreaking innovations and solutions from 100% guaranteed safe and American made products, with Silence Complete, a product that carried the brand and give Avol its reputation today. Since then Luther and the innovative scientists over at Avol have been creating new and safe treatments that can be used by everyone all over the world.